GAMC 5-year Strategic Plan Development

Following a proposal submitted to GIZ for the development of a 5-year strategic plan in 2021, MGA Consulting Ghana was engaged to lead the process in 2022. The plan was deemed essential because it would provide a clear long-term vision, set specific goals, help allocate resources effectively, guide decision-making, align the entire organization, prepare for changes, communicate with stakeholders, evaluate performance, enhance competitiveness, ensure sustainability, promote financial stability, and establish accountability. In essence, it would serve as a roadmap for the Association’s success and growth over the long term. Engagements were held with the Board, Management and Member companies in Accra and Koforidua during the third and fourth quarter of the year. The plan was finalized and submitted to the Annual General Meeting for approval and adoption in November 2022. It is currently being implemented.

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