Memebers In Good Standing


Eman Capital Microfinance
Golden Foundation Microfinance
Impact Microfinance
Jallly Microfinance
Mid-County Microfinance
Royale Mikri Microfinance
Secure Capital Microfinance
Stegenor Microfinance
Globafin Microfinance
Intergrity Infinity Microfinance
Naatoa Microfinance
OSACS Microfinance
3As Microfinance
Maroon Capital Microfinance
Adipa Microfinance Afro-Arab Microfinance
Albrim Microfinance BAF Microfinance
Bidvest Microfinance Boston Premier Microfinance
Cagl Microfinance Capitalnet Microfinance
Cedi Capital Microfinance Central Microfinance
Cidan Capital Microfinance Eazy Capital Microfinance
Equity Focus Microfinance Fast Track Microfinance
FWF Microfinance GAP Microfinance
Geem Microfinance Gem Capital Microfinance
Hob Capital Microfinance Impact Capital Microfinance
Interzen Microfinance Kesinor Microfinance
Leverage Microfinance Little Rock Microfinance
Metro Gold Microfinance Neighbourhood Microfinance
Noble Trust Microfinance Ocean Capital Microfinance
Options Microfinance Principal Capital Microfinance
Pure Eden Microfinance Q Capital Microfinance
Rapidlink Microfinance Shield Microfinance
Success for People Microfinance Summit Vision Microfinance
Talent Microfinance The Mint Microfinance
Ubuntu Capital Microfinance UDF Microfinance
Unimas Microfinance Universal Microfinance
Wema Microfinance West One Microfinance
Westlake Capital Microfinance  
Baobab Microfinance
Mwintuur Microfinance
Asankramann Microfinance
Cashpoint Microfinance
Loan Line Microfinance


A member in good standing is a member company in compliance with the duties and responsibilities of members as listed in Article II, Section 14(8) of the Constitution. Such a member who fully complies with the duties and responsibilities as enshrined in the Constitution shall also be a member who is assessed to be always in compliance with the licensing conditions/requirements and the operational standards/norms of the Bank of Ghana as well as compliance with requirements of other regulatory authorities.”