Training on Improving Liquidity Positions of Microfinance Companies

This training was organized with the support of GHAMFIN in collaboration CapPlus for member companies on Liquidity Management. Participants included credit officers, account officers, recovery officers, internal auditors, managing directors, finance and administrative managers as well as operation managers. The training covered Introduction to Liquidity Management, Sources of liquidity, Uses of liquidity, Identifying and managing liquidity risks and vulnerabilities, developing a liquidity management framework and policy, Diversifying funding sources to reduce dependence on a single source, Implementing effective liquidity monitoring mechanisms, Regular liquidity reporting and analysis. It was an extremely interactive session where participants shared and analyzed real-life cases of microfinance institutions and their liquidity management strategies as well as sharing best practices from microfinance companies which included Lessons learned and practical insights.

The training was facilitated by Mr. Ellis. It took place on Tuesday, 20 th June and Wednesday, 21 st June 2023 with a total of twenty-four (24) participants.

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